Prosurfacing is the only approved applicator of ProPave asphalt rejuvenation products, including sealing, chip and seal and slurry sealing.
Asphalt based emulsion surface sealer, can be quickly applied with minimal equipment requirements.
Beauty: ProPave restores a Like New black appearance on ageing asphalt
Binder Replenishment: ProPave penetrates the surface, replenishing the asphalt binder lost over time through oxidation and weathering.
Durable: ProPave extend the service life of asphalt pavements
Waterproof: Propave waterproof concrete and bituminous material
Crack sealing: ProPave penetrates and seal road pavement cracks
We use only SABS Approved Quality Asphalt from commercial sources.
Kerbing and Edging comes as standard on all our installations.
Safety and directional road marking is included on all our projects
5 Year Guarantee on all Installations
We are Cost-Effective
We have a national coverage allowing us to undertake projects across South Africa.
Our teams are made up of skilled professionals who understand the need to have durable surfaces.