We supply and install 3D multicellular HDPE Geocell confinement systems for driveways, roads, canal linings, mining tailings wall rehabilitation, retaining walls and parking areas. Our Geo Cell ranges from woven Polypropylene, HDPE and LDPE material types. Prosurfacing installs Geowebs with soil and vegetation, gravel or concrete as infill to meet project specific requirements. Our qualified teams are able to offer advice on infill selection.
Reinforces vegetation and increases its resistance to erosive forces
When used with soil and vegetation – allows use of select vegetation and native plantings to meet local climates
When used with rock or aggregate – creates a permeable, weather proofing cover and allows the use of smaller, less expensive rock
When used with concrete infill – the selected cell depth ensures uniform concrete depth and assists with the creation of a flexible concrete slab with control joints that can conform to minor subgrade movement