Premium Supplier and Installer of Grass Blocks, Armorflex Pavers, BodPave40 and Gravel Fix Pro
We supply and install ground stabilization and erosion control permeable pavers that offers the strength of concrete and the beauty of green lawn grass. We are the preferred installer of permeable paving solutions across Africa.

88 Grass Block Paving

88 Grass Block Paving is a permeable paving grid which allows grass to grow through whilst providing hard standing suitable for parking cars and commercial vehicles .

hard lawn grass block paving

Hard Lawn Grass Block Paving

Hard Lawn Grass Block Paving is the most effective grass block paving system on the market. With thickness of 120mm, the Hard Lawn Grass Paver offers unmatched strength .

Armoflex paving south africa

Armorflex Paving and wall retention

Our Armorflex Paving provides a Green Pavement that could blend in with the natural surrounds of facilities whilst offering suitable durability to traffic loading and environmental conditions with an impressive final appearance.

Bodpave Reinforced Gravel Paving

BodPave 40 Stabilized Grass and Gravel Paving

BodPave grass pavers / paving grids are a strong interlocking 100% recycled cellular porous paving grid system for grass reinforcement, ground stabilization & gravel retention for regular trafficked surfaces

Gravel Fix Pro Bera Paving

Gravel Fix Pro reinforced Gravel and Grass Permeable Paving

Gravel Fix Paver is an advanced recyclable stabilization system for gravel, shells, mulch and sand.


HDPE Geocell Surfacing Installation

We supply and install 3D multicellular HDPE Geocell confinement systems for driveways, roads, canal linings, mining tailings wall rehabilitation, retaining walls and parking areas.

Amorflex canals surfacing

Erosion Control surfacing for canals and river banks

Prosurfacing are specialists in lining of slopes, storm water canals, waste dumps, retaining walls and river banks.